Marle-Maria Janßen
Head of Strategy

MUTABOR – I’m going to change. Whether driven by digitalization, a commitment to sustainability or new target group needs – the will to change brings us together with our clients. Change is our promise to everyone who works with us – from customers to our MUTABORIANS because change is not only the meaning of our name but our DNA, our essence and our drive as well.

 But for us, change is not just about the goal of before-after improvement. It also means that our design solutions make our customers perceptible to everyone – whether employees, followers, investors, end customers or competitors – and visible in every dimension – from business cards to social media posts – enabling them to move forward. Change at MUTABOR means reaching the »next level«.

What is the Next Level?

Whether from market player to innovation leader, from product developer to solution provider or from commodity to brand experience – the Next Level is as individual as the needs, challenges and objectives of our customers and depends on the strategic company and brand orientation. But there are two general and overarching standards of the Next Level to which we at MUTABOR commit ourselves in every project. First and very obvious requirement: The Next Level represents a significant perceptible improvement for all stakeholders. Second requirement: The achievement of the Next Level is always accompanied by a positive business impact – measured by project-specific, individually defined KPIs and economic target figures.

Three principles which ensure that the Next Level does not remain a vision

First: We start with design

At the beginning of every project, it is crucial to create a shared understanding of the Next Level. For us, this means not only adopting target criteria but also outlining an aspirational target image. From day one, we, therefore, use the power of design. What should the Next Level feel like? Which symbolic key visual would describe the Next Level? Is there a comparison that can be drawn? For example, to want to become the Tesla of your industry?

We visualize the Next Level to make it tangible for everyone and to transform it into a common inspiring commitment. Because, as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Next Level Bundesliga – from a well-known brand in Germany to an international iconic status.

Secondly: We use what already exists

When it comes to the development process, it is essential for us that what exists is understood as a springboard to reach the next level. This foundation does not mean that a Next Level cannot be a revolutionary step. But if you want to reach the Next Level, you first have to look at where you currently stand. How far is the Next Level from that? What do you want to take away from the status quo? What do you want to free yourself from? Which assets can we use as leverage? And probably the most critical aspect in transformation processes: What exists also includes people. How do we take the entire workforce with us? How do they become part of their own transformation? Because transformation can only succeed from within.

The TET quality seal that was then developed returns to the new trademark of THE BAHLSEN FAMILY.

Third: »We« includes our customers

During the journey to the Next Level, design is our tool at every step and interdisciplinarity is our approach. Because through this, we believe the magic is created that transforms. For us, interdisciplinarity means not only bringing together the various MUTABOR areas of expertise in agile project teams but also that we see the customer’s project managers as part of the core team. In this way, we generate relevant insights from the very beginning and are effectively on the move at all times.

Together, we work out the holistic design solution in five iterative process steps that enable the Next Level: Explore, Immerse, Co-Create, Develop, Deliver.

Having reached the Next Level, we need to enable our customers to unfold every dimension from within. To ensure that the transformation is successfully and sustainably anchored in the organization so that it can be translated into relevant, immersive brand experiences for all target groups and result in business success.

And because nothing is more constant than change: After the Next Level is before the Next Level. So which Next Level shall we aim for together?