BMW Motorrad

More flexibility for the diversity of an experience brand.

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Make life
a ride.

BMW Motorrad is becoming an experience brand and is continuously expanding its offerings. A coherent experience across all touchpoints with the brand is therefore becoming increasingly important. On the path to becoming an experience brand, MUTABOR supports BMW Motorrad as CD/CI lead agency with, amongst others, content & visuals and the implementation of an architecture of offerings.

With an interdisciplinary team, the complex architecture of offerings was translated into design principles that ensure a flexible, coherent brand presence across products, services and experiences.

The brand feels coherent, yet flexible. The streamlined architecture of offerings ensures internal clarity, fewer discussions about taste, and efficient processes.

A brand by riders for riders.

The BMW Motorrad brand has many faces, but one thing unites its strong community: Curiosity, a hunger for experiences and a desire for an active lifestyle.
The brand’s design language translates its core “Make Life a Ride” into an inspiring brand experience with striking design elements, while at the same time giving the broad orientation a lot of freedom in its visual identity.

An experience that doesn't always look the same, but feels the same.

Flexible application meets coherent experience: branding for BMW Motorrad lets the brand shine at all touchpoints, no matter the specific requirements.

Visual identity in motion.

Recognizability and conciseness, rousing cuts under clear rules: The Motion Guideline for BMW Motorrad provides structures for all moving image applications.
With numerous examples and regulated templates, a guideline was created that brings a translation of the brand design with captivating stylistic means into the race.

The BMW Motorrad brand room: Thinking off—instincts on!

To experience the strategy behind the brand for themselves, employees can visit the BMW Motorrad brand room in the “Brand and Customer Institute” in Munich. It communicates the brand strategy interactively by being designed as an experience space for all the senses.

Rugged and dynamic

Together with BMW Motorrad, we developed an extensive icon system that can be used adaptively for all touchpoints—from the smallest mobile display to the largest application—and cites visual features of the house font.