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For Migros, we launched the first digital collection promotion that combines commerce, loyalty program and gamification via a mixed reality game.

Puzzles and logic games are very popular within our target group. That’s why we developed a digital escape room game with many different puzzles and an exciting story about Migros. With every purchase in a Migros store, the players can collect stamps with which they can unlock new chapters and items in the game.

With “M-Escape – Haunted Migros”, we were able to bring more customers to Migros stores and increase sales. The players experienced a captivating story about Migros, its products and values.

Next Level Sales Promotion

“In the M-Escape game, Migros customers become detectives themselves and experience an immersive adventure in a remote Migros store. For the game, we combined exciting storytelling with challenging puzzle mechanics from the escape room context.

We paid special attention to immersion by sending the players on a journey through the various Migros touchpoints. From LinkedIn to the online store to the store.”

A surprising storyline that inspires

In the story, the players have to solve mysterious incidents in a remote Migros store. The classic ghost plot develops into a story about Migros, ingenious inventors, alleged hackers and a lonely AI. Each of the 4 chapters ends with a cliffhanger that motivates players to keep collecting stamps to unlock the next chapter.

Challenging puzzles for the target group

Our research phase revealed that escape room and puzzle games are particularly popular among our target group. With an experienced game designer, we then developed varied puzzles that required logic and combination skills to solve. For example, searching through different rooms and collecting, combining and deciphering clues.

Immersive Gameplay

In the game, we integrated online and offline Migros touchpoints into the puzzles. For example, the players had to find a fictitious dish on the recipe platform, research a character’s social media channels, talk to a protagonist on the phone, or enter a code into a vegetable scale at a real Migros store.

How the brand can be experienced in play

The setting is based on a real Migros store and the storyline is interspersed with humorous references to the history of Migros. Furthermore, the services and products of Migros play a decisive role in solving the puzzles. Combined with Migros brand elements, the result is a typical Migros game.

Raphael Jung, Projektleiter Digital Campaigning & Promotions, Migros
“M-Escape isn't just an escape game, it's an experience with depth that brings the immersive world of escape rooms into the Migros digital ecosystem.”
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