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Talking Head Christian Breid

Executives from the agency sector share their marketing and branding solutions in the Horizont column Talking Heads.

In Horizont’s “Talking Head” column, agency executives give their opinions.

Content and data expert Christian Breid comments on current challenges in the marketing world and offers practical solutions. His writing is entertaining yet in-depth on topics that are currently on the industry’s mind.

Please finde here all columns:

Data silos and complexity hinder management!

What is the connection between corporate identity and positioning and business success? It is important to understand which elements define the identity and which key figures are the key to a data strategy in a flood of reports and analyses.

That's why innovation fails so often!

First newsrooms, then data, then the metaverse and now AI – and a new tool every day. The buzzwords are everywhere. So are the technology solutions and touchpoints. But how do you really get innovation up and running?

What´s Love got to do with it?

The Love Brand vision is a cry for help from brands. Many want to be a Love Brand! This is shown by various briefings and statements in the media by managers from Volkswagen, Schleich and Deutsche Bahn. Read here how brands can become relevant to their target groups instead of losing touch with them.