A new brand identity for good energy.

Brand & Corporate Design, Launch Communication
New Brand, New Content

Good vibes
are Yello.

Yello is repositioning itself: from an energy provider to a source of inspiration for everyday life. The new corporate design should make this leap tangible – fresh, lighthearted and with good energy.

The new brand experience strategy makes the positioning tangible at all touch points, combines sustainability with fun and makes it relevant for the target group.

Yello is no longer just yellow but shines in many colors: With an expanded color palette, an own illustration style and a Tone of Voice that credibly communicates good energy. 

Companion Dot

Always with you: the Companion Dot. Derived from the logo, it shows the way, gives orientation, and focuses on what is important – with copytext, icons or illustrations.


In a good mood and right from the heart of life: Every illustration tells a story and shapes the new Yello branding with its easy, hand-drawn style.

  • lllustrations: Veronika Kieneke