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Outcome-focused digital transformation

Brand & Corporate Design, Brand Strategy, Content Strategy
New Brand, New Content

Empowering the world to act

The international digital transformation company Futurice wanted to successfully connect their brand and business strategy and empower all their employees to use its brand assets impactfully.

As an “outcome-focused digital transformation company that empowers the world to act” Futurice position themselves as an encouraging enabler at the intersection of tech, business strategy and design.

In addition to a consistent brand strategy, architecture and messaging, we also developed a distinctive branding that is easy to apply for all employees via a central brand hub.

Unifying culture, tech and creativity.

The Futurice branding reflects the new brand strategy developed together with the leadership and employees in every detail. We translated Futurice’s special culture, their unique combination of tech and creativity as well as their outcome-orientation and capabilities of rapid implementation into a unique brand identity.

Empowering everyone to use the brand.

The challenge of both creating a flexible, adaptable but consistent brand and enabling people to work with it easily is met with a series of deliberate design decisions.

The link between tech and humanity.

We’ve developed a colorful, flexible illustration system that helps to bring vibrance and humanity to all Futurice touchpoints.

Simone Mitterer, Global Head of Brand and Communications, Futurice
“MUTABOR matched our open company culture very well and sparred with us to execute a brand evolution that gives all our employees ownership of the brand.”

Living, breathing, moving.

Futurice, as a brand full of culture and vitality, also reflects this dynamism in its motion design. We have developed a motion guideline with corresponding templates that make it possible to give the brand power in motion.