Volkswagen Content Factory

An IAA trade fair stand becomes a content factory.

Digital Experiences, Exhibition & Event, Product Hypes
New Content, New Digital, New Spaces

At the IAA, Volkswagen presents the next step on the “Way to Zero” with ID. Life. How do you create a presence for this vision that goes beyond the trade fair?

With the concept “Push Forward”, we took the IAA stand online using brand ambassadors and influencers. By becoming a content creator studio, it also reached new target groups.

A small stand with a big reach. During the event, over 40 creative assets were produced. At the location, the “Way to Zero” was presented in different product areas with interactive exhibits.

A trade fair exhibit as a social media stage.

Around the clock, brand experiences were captured on film for the community and target group. For influencers, the exhibit became a stage, for creators it became a studio.

Volkswagen at the IAA 2021 means 1000 m2 of vibrant power.

A trade fair exhibit whose architecture not only appealingly showcases the vehicles on display, but which was also conceptualized for content creation, including a studio, newsroom and countless possibilities.

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