What makes us unique?

the magic spell

MUTABOR is not only the Latin word for the desire to change (I’m going to change); MUTABOR is also the magic spell from the fairy tale Kalif Storch by Wilhelm Hauf. The MUTABOR magic spell stands for the (magical) power experienced by a brand going through a transformation accompanied by MUTABOR.

the creative reputation

MUTABOR was an internationally published design magazine in the mid-90s which was very successfully distributed in the design scene in Europe, Japan and the USA. It was co-founded by the current owners of the agency. High-circulation illustration and logo books were later released. This publishing activity generated commissioned work, and the magazine changed into a design studio.

From there, MUTABOR—with over 600 awards from international competitions—developed into the most creative design agency in Germany with the ambition to maintain its reputation in the international design scene.

the change mindset

Our name says it all, both for our clients and for the Mutaborians. The will to change, the energy of a positive transformation, the translation of this energy into outstanding design—that is what drives us.

That’s why we meet social, cultural and technological changes with enthusiasm and targeted skill development.

the interdisciplinary workforce

We rely on interdisciplinarity and cooperation. More than any other design company, we understand how to develop and manage complex brand presences. In addition to our interdisciplinary approach, we rely on a broad network of former Mutaborians and external experts, and we are pros in managing complex brand and communication projects.

the creative value makers

MUTABOR develops creative brand experiences that increase the value of our clients’ brands. Creativity can be an idea that makes the difference in the product, in positioning, in the customer journey, in design or in communication.

Our clients

Next Level Brands, driven by MUTABOR.

Our clients of the last five years.


MUTABOR relies on a broad-based management that corresponds to the agency's interdisciplinary range of services.

“Tomorrow's leading brands are digital natives, agile in their development, have attitude and make a positive impact on society.”
Burkhard Müller
CDO / Executive Partner
“MUTABOR is an expert platform for all areas of brand design. A space for exchange and progress within the team as well as with customers. I value the inspiration and competence of all ‘crafts’ and the opportunity to bring all the expertise to the table at any time.”
Oliver Dering
Associated Partner / Creative Director
“Values are changing - employees have never questioned their work so much. Corporate culture is becoming a decisive factor when it comes to attracting and retaining new employees. Let's rethink work together.”
Julia Peukert
Head of People & Organisation
“Brands will have to deliver new content in the future. Social relevance, the climate crisis, and the war for talents compel companies to redefine and redirect their purpose.”
Christian Breid
Executive Partner
“More than any other word, Mutabor embodies the story of change. We tell this story again and again. And in a new way every time.”
Sven Ritterhoff
Associated Partner / Executive Creative Director
“Creative excellence is not a PR issue for us, but an internal driving force.”
Heinrich Paravicini
CCO / Founder
“MUTABOR is change. I embrace change every day so that tomorrow I can be an even better version of myself than I am today. But my greatest source of strength is my colleagues, and I learn something new from them every day, accompany their development and bring lightness into their working day.”
Katja Kopatz-Pritchett
Director Operations
“Good cost accounting follows the principle of good design: 'Perfection comes not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away.' - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry”
Bogislav von Unruh
Head of Finance
“MUTABOR stands for outstanding design solutions in all disciplines. There is no other design player our size with such broad and award-winning experience. ”
Johannes Plass
CEO / Founder
“To work for, at and with MUTABOR is to play in the Champions League. That's why we bring together the best colleagues and project partners from different disciplines to implement first-class projects for our customers.”
Anne Papin
Associated Partner / Client Service Director
“The special thing about MUTABOR is that different disciplines come together and inspire each other. Not only is this great fun, but it also promotes innovation. I love the fact that I learn something new every day at MUTABOR.”
Ipek Molvali
Executive Partner
“The more virtual and artificial our environment becomes, the more emotional impact a brand needs. I can't think of a better agency than Mutabor to unleash that power.”
Melanie Rönnfeld
Executive Partner

Next Level Facts

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