The brand-new store identity: social-centered by design.

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New Concept Stores

Societies and markets are changing. Brands are going to change, too. What does that mean for the strategic development of a brand-new store identity focusing on smart travel, smart home, smart office as well as fitness and health?

Thinking of smart travel Huawei has a lot to offer. Our concept for a new retail store identity shows what the brand has to consider. And why the brand community is its linchpin.

The primary and initial focus is on the brand community —with its wishes and needs. Products and services come in second place and are therefore arranged as multifaceted touchpoints.

“People will no longer care about brands until brands start to care about people.”

The heart of the retail space is where the community comes together to relax and enjoy themselves—and to explore the brand more closely. A minimalistic but perfect place away from home for everyone.

Key concept

The heart of the experience store belongs to the brand community, a space to nurture deeper connections. A place where Huawei initially proves that the customer can explore a holistic retail experience.
The new Beijing Store and the new Wuhan Store is designed around smart travel products and services which can easily be experienced by browsing multisensual product exhibits.

The customer journey at the POS is based on a combination of digital and physical experiences.

The main focus of the journey is on digital presentations. The aim is to use the open staging to attract not only Huawei customers but also other interested parties to the store.

A concept for very multifaceted touchpoints.

The task for Mutabor was, among other things, to expand the customer journey around technology products at the POS to include smart travel services.