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Brenntag's new Employer Brand

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From Corporate to Employer Brand

After creating the new Brenntag brand identity, which serves as the basis and reference for the development of the employer brand, Mutabor also supported Brenntag in developing and defining their identity as an employer. The goal was to position Brenntag internally and externally as a relevant and attractive player in the talent markets and develop a strategy for communicating with relevant target groups.

The foundation for the new employer brand strategy was a 4C analysis of company, consumer, culture, and category. After this extensive analysis, a comprehensive employee survey, and several global internal workshops, the key insights were incorporated into an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) consisting of a manifesto and tagline.

The result is Brenntag’s new Employer Value Proposition: Embrace. Engage. Empower. The central visual component of the EVP is the ‘gradient’ that connects all employees worldwide. The new employer brand was effectively implemented internally and externally with positive feedback, and adapted to various touchpoints throughout the company.

Brenntag's new EVP - Embrace. Engage. Empower.

“Embrace. Engage. Empower.,” embodies its commitment to safety, diversity, and collaboration. The company builds trust through engagement, fostering an environment that empowers its people for growth. The essence of “Embrace. Engage. Empower.” defines Brenntag’s culture — an inclusive and empowering environment where every voice matters, and each contribution propels the company forward.

The gradient serves as a connecting element

The design and layout principles of the employer branding follow the main Brenntag corporate design. The color gradient serves to connect all employees worldwide. This layout system offers the user a variety of design options in combination with other employer branding specific linking elements.

Ein Bild einer Frau mit einem Laptop auf einem lila Hintergrund.

Increasing relevance with target group- specific headlines

We developed distinctive headlines for each of Brenntag’s target groups in order to reach each individually with relevant topics. The focus topics were defined using a data-driven approach based on an employee survey and designed to align with key decision drivers.

Martina Woryna, Global Employer Branding Manager, Global Human Resources, Brenntag
“Our employer brand highlights our current strengths as an employer while embodying the aspiration of what our current and potential employees can expect from us in the future.”
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