For the 100th anniversary, our customer Boesch launches an anniversary website that brings the brand promise »Horizon Gliding« into an intuitive UX. Never has there been such an intimate view into the work of the traditional shipyard.

It´s all about »Horizon Gliding«

Boesch does not sell boats. Boesch sells emotions and has been doing so for 100 years now. To mark this occasion, MUTABOR has created an extensive anniversary website that brings the unique brand promise »Horizon Gliding« and everything technically necessary for it into an intuitive UX. The fact that a Boesch boat glides perfectly on the line between sky and water even at the highest speeds is thanks to a whole series of technical innovations. That’s why the anniversary website not only pays tribute to the people and the brand but especially to the boat building behind it. Its ingenuity and finesse. Its creativity and perseverance that make the boat better and better.

»Boatbuilding is not just a job; it’s a calling.« (Klaus Boesch)

Never has there been such an intimate picture of traditio­nal shipyard work. The Boesch family, who still runs the company today, has always demonstrated a special love of perfection. And it is precisely this passion, this attention to detail, that the anniversary website expresses. The user can dive deep into the family history. One learns everything about the propeller’s construction and mode of operation and why its power lies in its angle. The website also explains in detail how to handle the unique wood material that all Boesch boats have always been made of. All these facets make up the unique Horizon Gliding driving experience that only a Boesch boat can offer.

»Horizon Gliding distinguishes Boesch from all other boats. You cannot describe this feeling. You have to experience it yourself«

…. says our CCO Heinrich Paravicini, who climbed into the Boesch despite seasickness and was immediately convinced. As a branding expert, he explained in an interview what makes the Boesch brand so special.

This Deep Content Project was created in close cooperation between MUTABOR and the brothers Urs and Klaus Boesch. They are the authors of all the trade articles and give the publication a personal and authentic touch.