We are experts in innovative brand identities. The Swiss company Frontify offers the platform to manage them efficiently. In future, we will work together in a strategic partnership. A common goal: more flexibility and more efficiency in digital brand management for large corporations and medium-sized businesses alike.

Flexibility is the future driver for efficient brand management. Until now, most brands use guidelines to pursue the goal of having the same appearance across all touchpoints. Digitalization, touchpoint fragmentation and the increasing complexity associated with them push this approach to its limits. Modern brandings use a flexible design system to ensure that a brand feels the same throughout the entire journey. Achieving this requires the rethinking not only of corporate designs, but also brand management tools that allow assets to be adapted to the journey flexibly and quickly.

How did this partnership come about?

In the fall of 2020, MUTABOR presented its Digital Brand Hub developed in-house for the pharmaceutical company Merck, which works with generators that partially automate the application of corporate design for users. This innovative approach captured Frontify’s interest.

Roger Dudler, CEO Frontify: »In modern brand management, all contributors and touchpoints are important elements of the brand. A vibrant, dynamic brand needs the right tools that enable all stakeholders to produce consistent content. With MUTABOR, we have found a partner that has repeatedly impressed us with their understanding of the trend. We look forward to creating the perfect solution for modern brands together.«

Goals of the collaboration and benefits for customers

From now on, we will jointly offer our customers attractive solutions for digital brand management and digital branding: cost-efficient for medium-sized businesses as well as individualized for multinational corporations.

Burkhard Müller, CDO MUTABOR: »The best solutions emerge from enjoyment and not from a strict set of rules that only experts can understand. Modern corporate designs and digital design systems are flexible, intuitive and effortless to use.«

Frontify Publisher, for example, enables non-designers to generate layouts for the Internet, social media and print media. And the Developer API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to implement completely customized tools like design generators.

As the market leader, Frontify has the best and most intuitive software for documenting brand guidelines and also offers solutions that enable all employees to work efficiently with the brand. With MUTABOR, Frontify has a partner that clearly understands the current and future needs of customers and challenges the status quo of the software.