As for all other companies, the previous financial year 2020 was a remarkable one for Clariant. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the specialty chemicals business and thus influenced the creation of the Integrated Report. But it is not just for this reason that the current report carries the motto »Into the New«. Clariant is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation from the top (new CEO, new EC) to the strategic direction of »Sustainability Transformation« down to a highly specialized product portfolio. In all areas, Clariant is progressing Into the New, and we are there to support the company along the way.

Animated particle swarm visualizes transformation

The Integrated Report is part of this development too. For the first time, it has been prepared purely as an online report. The additional printed short report, to be published in April, contains only the most important facts and figures and is significantly leaner than past reports. For the design, the theme of transformation was the central focus. The particle swarm is the key visual that accompanies readers through the report and visualizes the transformation in animated form. The report also features stories on transformative topics (circular economy, hydrogen technology and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic). The »changemakers« behind these stories were again portrayed in a more vibrant and lifelike way, abandoning the black and white images of previous years. In addition, chemistry has returned to the fore visually in the form of macro shots of aesthetic chemical reactions that further illustrate the stories – both statically and in motion.

As in previous years, we accompanied this extensive project as the lead agency for the Clariant brand and were responsible for conception and design supervision.