Corona has changed the space of brands. What are the most important to-do’s now? Our white paper with concrete recommendations for brands and marketing managers provides food for thought and tips. Free Download.

At MUTABOR, we are sure that our motto »I’m going to change« will be more valid this year than ever before.

Brands are now looking for an answer to the all-important question: How do we remain relevant to the external world when everyone is at home? When is the spatial, physical brand experience no longer possible or only possible to a very limited extent? When user journeys are completely tossed around? When brands can no longer fulfill their purpose due to production difficulties?

We have summarized strategies, tools and guiding to-do’s that support brands and will be a springboard to the next level.

We’ll make it tangible: The most relevant megatrends for the management of brands.

In our action plan, we reveal which megatrends are most relevant in which MUTABOR areas of expertise and what can be derived from them for the management and leadership of brands. What will shape the architecture and experience of the trade fairs and event businesses in the future? What is the technology booster, in the areas of motion and identity design, for content and strategy?

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