MUTABOR is making great strides in the expansion of its portfolio. The UX/UI unit headed by Burkhard Müller is announcing further partnerships within the agency’s digital agenda. It has already worked with grandcentrix, one of the leading European service providers in the area of Internet of things (IOT), for clients such as Vodafone and Migros. And now comes the next step.

Christian J. Pereira, Chief Operating Officer at grandcentrix, has this to say: “Throughout our many years of collaboration, we have come to value MUTABOR as a strong partner for design, UX/UI and digital strategy. Whenever we face tough or complex branding requirements, MUTABOR comes up with an elegant idea to create a great product.”

Burkhard Müller, Chief Digital Officer at MUTABOR adds: “I have been working with grandcentrix for almost 10 years. Back in the early 2010s, we worked together with the Migros app to create a benchmark for digitalization in retail. Since then, grandcentrix has been my first choice for the most complex major digital productions.”

MUTABOR has established a second partnership with Protofy. The agency specializing in web and mobile apps is well-known from testimonials by Die Zeit Akademie or the in-house startup STADTSALAT, among others. MUTABOR is already collaborating with Protofy on major digital projects.

Moritz Mann, CEO of Protofy on the partnership: “When developing our digital products, we often rely on the best-of-breed strategy from a technological perspective. If the best solution already exists somewhere on the market, it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel ourselves. Our strategic partnership is similar: MUTABOR is one of the best agencies in Germany for digital brand experience design. In our joint projects, we bring our strengths together in a complementary way to create the best result for our clients and their target groups.”

MUTABOR uses its strategic development partnerships to pursue a clear agenda on the way to becoming a digital brand experience design agency. The design agency recently announced its strategic premium partnership with Frontify, which is the market leader in the field of asset management software. Burkhard Müller, Chief Digital Officer at MUTABOR: “A competent, well-coordinated team is the key building block for successful digital productions. We cooperate with some of the top developers in the industry to provide the best possible team and deliver the highest quality to our customers.”

On grandcentrix:

Everything that can be networked in the future, will be networked in the future. To advance the industrialization of the Internet of Things, grandcentrix’s mission is to make IoT affordable and accessible. The company increasingly relies on a component strategy and existing (standard) products that have been successfully deployed and will make networking more affordable and accessible to the broad mid-market.

Über Protofy:

Protofy develops websites, mobile apps, digital business models, tools and processes. Our speed, structured testing and customer focus pave the way for retailers, producers and brands to test digital models and then scale them in a validated way. Our clients include DEPOT, FC St. Pauli, DFB, DKB and our in-house start-up STADTSALAT.