At this year’s digital ISPO, we participated with a workshop: Max Straßer on what the next level can mean for branded entertainment and brands, beyond product placement 2.0.

Ready, steady, go! At the interactive digital conference for the sports and outdoor industry ISPO, presentations by renowned CEOs and inspiring keynotes by athletes rotated. Our Creative Director Max Straßer was invited to give a workshop on the topic of Branded Entertainment: 30 minutes of input and an inspiring discussion about the impact of the next level of Branded Entertainment on brands and Corona’s role in this.

The Skype dialogue with 70 participants dealt with the question of why we love to binge-watch Netflix series and why we are usually annoyed by advertising. Furthermore, it discussed how crowdsourcing not only entertains target groups but turns them into entertainers themselves.

»The circumstances of speaking at a completely digital conference for the first time already turned the presentation into a new experience for me in general. The enthusiasm for the topic, the exchange and the positive feedback of the participants turned it into a great one«, says Straßer enthusiastically…