Until this point, we have been a permanent fixture at creative awards. But for now, we will focus on sustainability projects and the expansion of our own digital communication. The goal is to motivate our customers, partners, employees and friends as a design company that thinks and acts sustainably and to provide ongoing inspiration for creative thinking. This will be the new focus of our external representation. For the time being, awards are no longer a part of this.

Clear change in strategy

Since its founding in 1998, MUTABOR has attended award shows: sporadically in the first few years, then consistently from 2003 onwards. During this time, we won more than 600 awards and design prizes, including the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Red Dot Grand Prix several times, various Lions in Cannes and countless ADC nails in all colors. In 2013 we even won the “Red Dot: Agency of the Year” title. Several times we topped the creative rankings as number one. Last year, the trade magazine Horizont selected the most creative service providers of the last decade. MUTABOR was the only design agency listed in the top 20. In the Horizont Creative Ranking 2020 of design agencies, we took second place.

»We want to inspire sustainability and innovative re-thinking.«

Positioning ourselves as »creative« or »the most creative« design agency has played a decisive role in shaping MUTABOR’s path to success. Nevertheless, we now want to set other priorities. Instead of awards, we intend to channel our future budget, workload and creative energy into the topic of sustainability and in-house digital communication. »Creativity is still a very critical facet of MUTABOR, but we now want to use our creativity differently in our own activities. Focusing on the topics of environment, equality, diversity, innovation and digital life, we want to and we will inspire sustainability and innovative re-thinking: as authors and designers as well as with our own project initiatives, which go directly onto social media as soon as they are conceived. This is currently more important to us than having juries award us the label of creativity after the fact,« says Heinrich Paravicini, explaining his decision to withdraw. From now on, the previous award budget will be used for CSR measures and their communication. Among other things, we are creating two jobs for this purpose.

Examples of CSR projects

With the initiative »Sports4Trees«, which uses the power of sports to support reforestation projects in Africa, a first creative project supporting the new strategy was already launched in December 2020. MUTABOR has also been involved in sustainable and social projects from time to time before, including a campaign by »Umoja« with Sustainable Sportstyle, initiated by Bundesliga soccer team TSG Hoffenheim, and FishAct, an NGO that campaigns against overfishing of the oceans.