Maximilian Friedrichs
Strategist MUTABOR

The world is facing one of the most significant challenges of our time. The Corona crisis has found its way around the globe and is confronting people and companies with drastic changes. Even before the crisis, we all knew that we were living in fast, continually changing times – we almost got used to it. But in reality, our environmental conditions have just now turned into the most unstable situation imaginable. Our context has become »fluid« – physically and socially. People around the world are beginning to adapt their behavior to the situation and act differently than before. Probably the most prominent example in the media is hoarding – the most understandable is the leap into the digital world, triggered by our new way of acting with and for each other: social distancing.

At MUTABOR, we know: Where people’s behavior changes, there is always a need for action on the part of companies. While some are still unsure whether they should react to the crisis, we believe that now is the time to put into practice the popular buzzwords such as purpose, customer centricity and quick reaction. Companies are most successful when they have recognized the individual situation of people and start to help them exactly there. It has never been easier to recognize this situation and link it to one’s own purpose and business model – but it has never been more necessary. Companies would do well to analyze the changes in the customer value system initiated by Corona in detail and to understand the resulting behavior. The following questions should be asked:

1. Is there a functioning organisational structure and the empowerment in brand management for such quick reactions?

2. What is our higher goal, our purpose, and how can we credibly fulfill it in this situation?

3. What is vital to our customers right now? How can we show empathy to convey comfort and security and strengthen trust in the customer relationship?

4. What topics can we transfer to the virtual and digital world?

5. For the future: What will we do after Corona to contribute to social progress and well-being as a company?

Let’s not kid ourselves: Many companies will emerge from the crisis in a battered state. Many will have to accept substantial losses. But those who act meaningfully with an understanding of values that resonate with the current situation will burn themselves into our memories and have a considerable impact on our brand perception. In the end, the strong brands will recover faster – or perhaps even emerge from the crisis stronger.