Digital first, fast, flexible. The new look of the association of leading agencies, GWA, reflects diversity on all levels and plays with colorful, purist forms.

The GWA is heading into a challenging 2021 for agencies with a more modern, agile and powerful look. We developed the new CI.

About the development of the new design

The aim of the new look was to represent the transformation of the GWA from the »advertisers’ association« to a modern, multi-faceted alliance of the best communication agencies in Germany. The aspect of diversity was important in many senses. Firstly, the new look should reflect the variety of the member agencies. Secondly, this topic will play a major role in the GWA in the future, both in a literal and a political sense. Diversity is the central theme of the new appearance.

Diversity takes shape

The mirrored letters G, W and A in the new logo tie into the history of the GWA. For the new corporate identity, we developed a visual toolkit that brings the purist graphic design forms inspired by Bauhaus or 1970s US design into the modern age. The Library System with its flexible assets allows every event series, every series and every format of the GWA to be branded individually, while remaining clearly identifiable within the GWA world at all times. This is based on a distinctive color scheme, a cleverly devised type system and, above all, a graphical toolbox of shapes that can be used creatively in a similar way to LEGO. Among other things, this allows Bauhaus shapes to be turned into attractive Insta-stickers.

Heinrich Paravicini: »The new look is colorful, very colorful — and plays with a huge number of shapes that are all derived from the logo. The overall design is now flexible enough that it can be quickly and viably applied to emerging media and channels.«

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