Shaping the future means thinking about sustainability at each stage of development.

How can we act today to provide future generations with as many opportunities as we have today?

The need for change and the development of new ways of thinking is something we are all aware of. Our ability to shape the future through creativity is a powerful tool to do that. Let us sharpen this tool to fulfill the goal of a sustainable economy.

Lever of the next level: sustainability

The tasks surrounding sustainability-oriented projects are increasing. That’s a good thing! Because brand work today is no longer possible without considering environmental impacts and including them in a brand’s balance sheet.

We recognize the potential of sustainable development and are readjusting the goals of our work. In doing so, we benefit from the nature of our work: pursuing long-term goals and continuously building up values.

Today, many examples already show what is possible with recycled materials and what potential they have for brands.

We demand and promote the (re)use of durable or existing materials and continue to highlight the benefits of the principles of a circular economy.

Reducing means not only saving material, but also reducing data, for example through efficient marketing and communication measures.

We identify opportunities for savings and focus on measures that are as effective as possible while at the same time conserving resources.

The conscious rejection of excessive marketing materials and the avoidance of harmful advertising messages are crucial for sustainable brand communication.

We test content for its impact and support companies in taking a positive and active role in society through their messages.

Sustainable brand communication does not always mean starting from scratch. A lot is possible today through targeted repairs and optimization of existing infrastructures. Wasting resources also means destroying brand value.

We know that even small adjustments can have a big impact and carefully weigh up what can be newly created and what can be improved through small adjustments.

Sustainability & Next Level Process

Sustainability is an integral part of our Next Level process. Potential is recognized and used in the interests of the brand.

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