Go for the better.

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New Brand, New Digital

Built for the better.

Transformation of the global technology firm GEA. Developing a suitable appearance and refining the brand story in terms of a more focused alignment toward sustainability and digitalization.

The GEA is aware of its significance and responsibility toward people and the planet. The corporate strategy “Mission 26” is an ambitious roadmap that sets the Group on a positive course for the future in all areas. GEA is developing technologies to help its customers improve their ecological footprint.

MUTABOR is developing the modular image that reflects the precision-driven and responsible direction of the company and enables stringent, brand-specific communication globally and across all channels.

The brand mark contains the entire DNA of the brand.

Precision, modularity and openness for new things are drivers that will sustain the brand for the future. The trademark references all important characteristics and provides the foundation for a vibrant, but also stringent corporate design toolkit. GEA communication is expansive and offers space for forward-looking content.

In terms of content, the GEA colors refer to the moment of renewal.

Every day offers the chance to advance the “Better”. The Vibrant Blue is energized by the power of the Energetic Pink. The solar energy that brings light to the day. This color philosophy emphasizes the company’s ambition to create sustainable solutions for a better future.

GEA uses the colors to shape an unmistakeable illustration style.

The GEA world mainly appears in the colors Night Blue, Vibrant Blue and Energetic Pink. The blue planet is the basis for an illustrative GEA cosmos. This allows sceneries, living beings and details of this earth to be distinctively represented in the specific illustration style.

The layout system as the key interface for all components of the GEA corporate design.

This simple and modular system shows how the most varied formats of communication can always look GEA specific and impactful.

In line with the structure of the GEA logo, the design vocabulary of the icons is simple and minimalist.

A special characteristic is the open contour. In addition, the same angles and curves are used to ensure a uniform appearance.

The design of the GEA brand is marked by the interplay between an exclusive.

The exclusively developed GEA Sans stands out with its cool technical appearance, which is derived from the design principle of the further developed GEA logo and a strong reference to technology.

Jill Meiburg, Senior Vice President Group Communications & Brand, GEA
“The heart of our brand continues to be our purpose: Engineering for a better world. Making this guiding principle even more emotionally, digitally and visually appealing was the core task in our brand refresh.”