Next Level Sustainability: the process

Sustainable work results are based on profound processes, supported by experience, and driven by external and internal impulses.

At Mutabor, we call this approach the Next Level Process.

Our Next Level Process defines not only process phases, but also sustainability parameters in order to keep an eye on new, sustainable challenges at all times and align the strategy with the requirements.


What is the context?

  • Which aspects of sustainability are crucial for the project?
  • Which internal & external stakeholders need to be involved?
  • Which sustainability goal should be pursued?
  • In which environment does the project have to assert itself?


Where do we start?

  • What data enables an impact assessment?
  • What role does the project play within the company’s sustainability goals?
  • Where are sustainability hotspots in order to derive priorities?
  • Which target groups are relevant?
  • Where do we want to go in the long term?


What is the concept?

  • What impact can the project develop in relation to the above objectives?
  • Is the sustainability target sufficient or can it be increased?


  • Our concept conveys the sustainability goal.
  • Our concept achieves the communication goals and reaches our target groups.
  • Our concept is perceived and ideally inspires.


  • The evaluation improves their effectiveness.
  • The measures are transferred to existing processes.
  • The change becomes visible.