Our way of acting sustainably.

We published our first sustainability report in 2021 and looked into certification as an environmentally friendly company. In the midst of the coronavirus, we were able to identify many levers. The starting point was made, the groundwork was done – and the certification process was initiated.

Mutabor is now an Ecovadis-certified company. As a basis for the certification, we had a so-called materiality analysis carried out by an external partner. The analysis is based on a complete review of our actions as a company: our energy and waste footprint, our contracts with employees, the way we travel, our internal culture, and much more.

We have held the silver certification level since 2022 and see this as an incentive to become even better in the future, even though we already have a unique position in the agency market with this award.

We have set ourselves the goal of taking certification to the next level and want to voluntarily commit to the CSRD reporting system from 2025.

We are a member of the UN Global Compact Network Germany and renew our commitment to the United Global Compact and the ten principles of corporate sustainability every year.

This reporting is voluntary and demonstrates our stance: anyone who advises clients on sustainability issues should know what it means to undergo certification.

After all, sustainable management, like sustainable communication, is based on the foundation of an external, neutral assessment.

Our benefits:

Our standards:

  • Company pension scheme
  • 30 days workation per year
  • JobRad leasing
  • Apéros on many Fridays
  • Job ticket subsidy, if desired
  • Mutabor Academy with a wide variety of formats
  • Participation in German or English classes
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning
  • Offers in the areas of travel, fashion, tickets, and much more
  • Remote work possible (IQ Flex)
  • Gender-appropriate language

Our health:

  • Mutabor pays attention to ergonomically correct, individually adjustable workstations.
  • Mutabor has its own coaching program and a neutral, confidential coach is always available to identify concerns and needs and provide positive support to employees.


There are trained first responders in every team.
  • Mutabor promotes a successful comeback after a long illness or absence with a suitable working model and individual support from the HR department and the in-house coach.
  • The building is largely barrier-free.

Our interaction:

  • We promote flexible working / flexitime and enable part-time models.
  • IQ-flex is the name of our flexible working model. It enables Mutaborians to organize their workplace in a customized, self-responsible way and to work from home.
  • We provide individualized conditions to help employees achieve a good work-life balance.
  • Workation is a standard offer for those with the appropriate affiliation.
  • We enable people with disabilities to be equal members of our teams.
  • Mutabor promotes diversity and the internationalization of the workforce.


  • Our Equality Circle, which focuses on equal opportunities for all, has a positive impact on the agency culture.
  • We enable working from home.
  • Regular collective formats (retro) determine the general mood of the teams and offer space for communicating solutions.
  • Fair cooperation: Our two equal opportunities officers are contact persons for all Mutabor employees.
  • Mutabor offers an internal coaching program. It is being expanded to include the topics of stress and time management, resilience, and communication.

Our career management:

  • We are urgently looking for women in management positions and trying to correct our imbalance.
  • Regular feedback sessions are held. Individual development plans and discussions are part of the personal Next Level.


  • All employees are paid equally for equal performance.
  • Internal training opportunities – the Mutabor Academy – and targeted external formats enable employees to reach their personal Next Level.

Our future benefits

In addition to the benefits that many other employers also offer their employees, we go one step further. We encourage every Mutaborian to develop independently every day. On the one hand through the Mutabor Academy, which offers contemporary formats, and on the other through LinkedIn Learning, to which every employee has access. It is not so important to us what the content is, but rather to enable lifelong learning and personal transformation.

In the future, the Mutabor Academy will go one step further and also offer programs on various topics for external participants. Here, too, the focus will be on transformation: Be it personal or social transformation.

The following formats are planned:

  • Formats around the topic of “C-Level Support”
  • Formats on the topic of “transformation”
  • Expansion of the Mutabor Academy to include external programs

Our key figures

Mutabor is now an EcoVadis-certified company. As a basis for the certification, Mutabor had a so-called materiality analysis carried out by an external partner. The analysis is based on a complete review of our actions as a company regarding our energy and waste balances, our contracts with our employees, the way we and our employees travel, our internal culture, and much more.

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Our goals

Our Next Level Report, developed as a joint project within Mutabor, is the starting point for a profound change towards a more sustainable company. As we continue to develop the various topics, it is important for us to define clear responsibilities so that we can keep a constant eye on the process. We have therefore included an overview of our goals and responsibilities at the end.

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