The National Urban Development Initiative is manifested in its new image: one result, a newly defined brand and communication strategy for the Initiative’s future-oriented work.

The city – an incubator for change

How will we live in the future? Over 70% of the total German population live in cities and densely populated areas. This is where megatrends and innovations meet, people with different ideas and interests come together – this is where change comes about.

A platform for interaction, exchange and information

The National Urban Development Initiative is the driving force for integrated urban development in Germany. It calls for cities to be shaped together. So that cities and municipalities can be made more liveable.

Now the Initiative is presenting itself as a platform and network for integrated urban development in a contemporary image including a new logo. The focus is always on the Initiative’s various competencies: networking, knowledge, funding and inspiration.

The strategic starting point for the transformation: the identity

Early in 2019, together with the Bundesministerium, Bundesamt and partners of the Initiative, MUTABOR developed a brand and communication strategy for the National Urban Development Initiative. The aim was to communicate the topics and objectives of the Initiative effectively and purposefully to the outside world. This resulted in a corporate design update, including the corporate brand – now visible on all publications and the website.

»Urban development is as human as it is future-oriented. By manifesting the brand identity and developing a communication strategy, we were able to increase the relevance and appeal of the initiative.« Marle-Maria Janßen, Head of Strategy MUTABOR

Digitally optimised – The design details

The word/figurative mark was simplified using a clear design language and optimised for presentation in digital media. The corporate design is graphically supported by a »corner« derived from the figurative mark, which can be both a communicative basis and an introduction to the various topics. The new editorial design of the publications and on the website has been completely redesigned. It now provides an overview of the multiple fields of activity and projects.

»Working for the federal government adds a new dimension to the design requirements: the target group includes politicians and experts as well as the general public. Therefore, in addition to complying with the strictest technical requirements (in terms of accessibility and licensing), the task also involved structuring multi-layered content – a creative challenge for the design team. And we are happy with the results.« Felix von Pless, Art Director MUTABOR

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