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New Packaging

Packagings based on a holistic conception of branding, storytelling, digitalisation and sustainability. This results complementary packaging concepts that always strengthen both: The brand. And its society.

Packaging Branding

We see every brand touchpoint in the overall context of a consistent brand experience. Packaging design has a special role to play here, because no other touchpoint is experienced so directly.

Storytelling Packaging

Every packaging offers the chance to tell a story. We create brand stories that, in contrast to pure product promises, are remembered more quickly and in the long term. Recognition value included.

Sustainable Packaging

We are committed to an ecologically sustainable future and deal with the topics of legislation and scientific innovations and can advise our clients already in the development process. Thanks to our competence network, we can develop individual solutions quickly and flexibly.

Digital Packaging

The screen is the new shelf and social media is the POS. Packaging must function more and more in the digital space. In the age of social media, purchasing decisions are actively influenced by strong design ideas and brand halos. Arrival and unboxing experiences are partially replacing classic media budgets.