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New Digital

The digital world is in a constant state of change. We analyze your challenges as well as society's expectations—e2e. Our solution have impact by data, design and technology.

Digital Strategy

We develop the vision for your product, brand and company. We empower our clients to make good decisions based on data, brand insights and stakeholder interviews. In addition to creating a striking presentation including a feasibility check and roadmap, our designers ensure that the vision is already tangible in the strategy phase.

Society-Centered Design


We aim for the best possible user experience through data-driven insights, state of the art technology and world class design. Based on customer needs, we develop the strategy, concept and design, and we take full responsibility for the development (agile) until launch.


We offer scalable, multi-language websites, platforms and e-commerce solutions. An intuitive CMS is a high priority for us. We ensure that editors also find an efficient working environment to provide relevant content with ease.

Digital Experiences

To generate a buzz we create high-quality digital experiences. We use the latest technology including AR, VR, Filters, WebGL, Web3 or live streaming and make it accessible for everyone. We are constantly evaluating new trends, such as Web3, Crypto and NFT, to identify opportunities for brands.

Digital Branding

We develop digital-first brand designs to ensure flexibility for an ever-changing landscape of touchpoints. With design systems and digital brand management tools we empower companies to unleash the full potential of their brand.

Code & Data

The best design is worth nothing if it cannot be realized. We make sure that the vision becomes reality. To ensure sustainable success, we rely on data analysis – from strategy to launch. That way, we can control our decisions and steer the project in a promising direction.