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New Brand

We analyse, design and develop brands in every dimension and for every touchpoint - always in the context of business, people and society.

Brand Strategy

For us, brand strategy not only covers the development of a strategic brand image, positioning, and target group-specific value propositions. It also includes the development of an approach for leveraging the brand to take a company to the next level—from the inside out.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is like a game plan. First, we develop a system for managing a portfolio toward the company’s long-term goals. Then we translate the system into a formal logic to help target groups orient themselves and identify relationships within the portfolio.

Brand Experience

Brands arise through experiences. We define how the market experience should feel across all touchpoints, what makes it special, what role the brand takes on and how market-defining moments arise—establishing the sustainability of the brand while positioning it for touchpoints that arise in the future.

Brand & Corporate Design

Today’s brands encompass far more than just a logo. They take responsibility. For their actions. And for their identity. Based on brand strategy, we translate the desired brand feeling into a holistic design system. This makes the brand’s predefined Next Level tangible at every digital and analog touchpoint.

Digital Design Systems

The brand toolbox for the design of today’s optimal customer journey: in a perfectly coordinated digital design kit, all elements can be flexibly combined with each other and used across all touchpoints. As a premium partner of the software market leader Frontify, we are able to offer a wide selection of services ranging from customised brand asset solutions to automated design generators.