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New Spaces

New Spaces creates the intersection between brand, space and experience. Immersive encounters in physical, digital or virtual space meet human-centered design.

Experience Strategy

What effect does a brand have in the long term on its current and potential customers? How can a specific customer journey be optimally mapped to current trends and technologies? A clear experience strategy defines goals and tools for sustainable success in phygital worlds.


In addition to the online retail experience, the emotional in-store experience is becoming increasingly important. Customers want an inspiring shopping experience in addition to pure product information. A hybrid mixture of brand experience, product experience, hospitality and brand community. Seamlessly linked to the customer’s own mobile device.


An inspiring brand feeling, emotional brand experiences and detailed product communication are the core themes of a showroom development. The customer is guided along the experience journey from the first touchpoint on their own device to the deep dive into individual product experiences through all the brand’s theme worlds.


Virtual spaces offer limitless possibilities when interacting with brands. From product launches, employee events to conferences and virtual events, we stage virtual worlds end-to-end.

Exhibition & Event

Nowhere is the encounter with customers and the brand experience as personal as at a live event. Today, trade fairs and events are intuitively extended digitally. Live, digital and virtual are not individual disciplines, but form the communicative ecosystem of a new-meeting culture, characterized by efficiency, reach and sustainability.