A hybrid launch event for a new corporate design.

Digital Experiences, Exhibition & Event, Virtual
New Digital, New Spaces

Time to transform.

VW has founded a new company: CARIAD Technologies GmbH. How do you design the framework for the launch of a new corporate design with content that captures everyone’s attention, emotional resonance and the opportunity for interaction?

We succeeded in launching the new corporate design via the technically complex event in an Unreal studio. The AR show with interactive elements also made the pioneering spirit tangible.

The new corporate design went live on the screens together with 4,000 employees in the online and offline mix. Opportunities for interaction allowed everyone to participate in the event.

Colleagues were able to enter their names in a platform created for the launch event using their smartphones.

In the process, two interactions happened at the same time: The lettering was transformed into the glyph typo of the new corporate design. Following this, the name was displayed on the virtual stage for all employees to see.

How do you bring a new corporate design to life?

By making it tangible for all senses with a launch event at all levels: through an animated motion design as a constant background to the show and a consistent integration as a spatial experience.

  • Hyperbowl
  • movingimage
  • Protofy