An impulse-giving brand presence for visible change.

Brand & Corporate Design, Brand Experience
New Brand

Everything starts with an impulse

EnBW is in a state of change. And not only that: it is providing impulses to drive change itself. The new brand identity is intended to communicate the step to become an innovative and high-performance infrastructure partner to the outside world – and to make it visible in all areas of the company.

A brand experience strategy that translates the brand values into a dynamic image that can be used flexibly at all touch points: from the customer letter to the charging park and from the social media post to the out-of-home advertising.

EnBW communicates to the outside what it does on the inside – with a new, impulse-giving key visual, eye-catching typography, lively and natural colours and an extensive illustration library that makes information easily accessible to everyone.

The new brand design makes the will and the energy for change visible.

The dynamic impulse is the defining symbol of the new appearance. Derived from the logo, it becomes an independent style element as well as an eye-catching information carrier.
In addition, the design system is complemented by a new, self-confident typography, lively and natural secondary colors as well as new iconographic elements.

Open to change.

Serious, emotional, eye-catching, or informative – the new brand design is as versatile and open to change as the brand itself. Flexible and always clearly recognizable, it offers the right form of communication for every point of contact.

The appropriate language for every area.

EnBW is a big, multifaceted company and the new brand design is just as multifaceted. From Human Relations or the Corporate Innovation Lab to the EnBW Macherbus, it creates a unique and at the same time common language for all areas.

Images that tell stories.

The new, modular illustration library is as extensive as it is flexible and it allows to tell new, lively stories again and again and to make complex issues accessible and easy to understand.