Great Wall Motor (GWM) ORA & WEY

Official launch of the WEY and ORA GWM brands at the Paris Motor Show 2022.

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Hello World, Salut Paris!

The Paris Motor Show is one of the most important automotive trade fairs in the world. On 1500 sqm, the brand presence of GWM with its brands ORA and WEY is one of the main attractors of the show.

ORA and WEY came alive as brands through their appearance in Paris and became an experience for the customer. From a live art car installation to various digital touchpoints and the boulodrome, the lifestyle of WEY and ORA became a central part of the exhibition.

FEELING & FEATURES: 1500 sqm brand experience on the Great Wall Motor stand. Emotion, quality of stay and a lively brand world are the core of the official brand launch at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Of the 400,000 visitors, 40,000 were guests of WEY and ORA.

The WEY and ORA brands present their new models at the Paris Motor Show 2022.

WEY, the high-end intelligent new energy brand of GWM, integrates luxury with leading technologies. Based on its “Smart Driving”, “Smart Cockpit”, “Smart Device”.
ORA is an innovative pure electric brand of GWM. Inspired by the brand values of “Trust, Authenticity, Reliability, Inclusivity and Care”, ORA strives to bring a fresh new approach to electric mobility life to the European market.

AR-Experience for a greener future.

To extend the digital reach GWM developed an intuitive Instagram filter. Via QR code scan it is possible to plant a digital tree, for each digital tree ORA will plant a real tree.

Digital installation for WEY

We designed a digital installation for the WEY Loft, this motion design reflects the WEY brand world.

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