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Migros Merge

For our client Migros, we developed a mobile game to inspire and connect to customers that can no longer be reached via the traditional marketing channels.

Our research showed that 33 % of our potential target group plays games at least once a week, 64 % of them on their smartphones. That’s why we developed a mobile casual game and specifically tailored it to the target group—and the brand itself, with values, products and marketing messages integrated in a playful way.

Migros Merge is a mobile casual game, which inspires customers in the long term. At the same time, the game serves as an additional, innovative owned media channel, as new campaigns and products are integrated into the storyline of the game.

From game to 
owned media channel.

The majority of purchasing decisions in Switzerland are made by women aged 25 to 40. Reaching them with traditional marketing is increasingly complex and expensive. Research showed that a high percentage of this target group plays casual games on a daily basis. Be it to relax for a short time or to immerse themselves in an imaginative storyline.
Instead of advertising in established games, all of which did not really fit Migros and Switzerland, we developed our own casual game. Through integrated product and advertising placements, we turn the game into a high-reach owned media channel we use to inspire customers every day and to create positive brand experiences.

The story: discover the epochs.

We developed a diverse storyline that allows us to creatively stage Migros’ eventful history, attitude and values, as well as products and topics relevant to the target group. In the game, the protagonist Mia and her friends travel through the epochs of a remote Swiss mountain valley. From the Stone Age to the future: there is always something new to discover.

Mechanic: from the tea plant to the iconic iced tea.

In order to communicate Migros’ product expertise to our target group, we integrated selected Migros products into the game and made them tangible through a Merge3 mechanism: by combining raw materials and products, new products are created and can then be used to solve game tasks and challenges. This mechanic also makes it possible to constantly integrate new products into the game.

Branding: incorporating Migros into the game.

We also incorporated the insights gained from the research phase into the setting and design of the game. For example, the story takes place in a remote Swiss mountain valley with historical and botanical references. The characters were also developed in such a way that the target group can easily idendify with them.
To strengthen the branding, we integrated Migros’ most important brand elements into the game: from the colors to the defining Migros M, which can be found in many game assets. In addition, iconic products were incorporated, from the legendary iced tea to the very popular ice creams.

Burkhard Müller, Chief Digital Officer, MUTABOR
“Many brands try to get into game marketing. Migros is one step ahead and made an own game.”
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