Bauer Media Group

Corporate Design Relaunch

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New Brand

Design for everyday life

We accompanied Bauer Media Group through its most significant transformation in its nearly 150-year history. The new brand design reflects the shift from a German publishing house to an internationally operating media group, emphasizing the ambition to further propel the transformation with a clear focus on digitization.

In a comprehensive strategic process involving numerous stakeholder interviews across 13 markets, a forward-looking design system was developed in close collaboration. The goal was to establish brand identification through the power of design.

With the new brand design, we are signaling the next generation of Bauer Media Group as a forward-thinking digital company.

A dynamic design system for a diverse company

The new corporate design proudly reflects the next generation of Bauer Media: a digital powerhouse that celebrates diversity, inspires others and enriches everyday life not only for employees but also for customers on a whole new level.

Real people deserve real moments

With the colorful visual language, we create a dynamic, lively atmosphere that gives the brand a modern and unique look.

The focus is on authentic moments from real life in which the people of the Bauer Media Group take center stage.

A typeface that is as unique as the company itself

BauerMedia Sans was developed exclusively for the Bauer Media Group together with Character Type. It has good legibility in all sizes and formats and is also available as a variable font. The typeface is unique, friendly and dynamic and playfully includes the play button.

Positive impact at the office

The new corporate design is not only projected externally but is also made tangible in everyday office life. The new key visuals and colors are gradually integrated into the office layout at various locations to create a positive impact on the work environment.

Yvonne Bauer, CEO, Bauer Media Group
“We are very proud to present our new branding. It symbolises our almost 150-year company history and the numerous transformations we have undergone during this time. At the same time, it is an inspiration for us to consistently follow our goals. The new corporate brand will sharpen our company profile and strengthen trust in our brand through a shared understanding of our goals and values.”