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MUTABOR Next Level Process: Our path to sustainable transformation

Five iterative steps to the holistic Next Level solution.

Whether from a market player to an innovation leader, or from a commodity to an experience brand—the Next Level and the path to it are as unique as the requirements, challenges, and objectives of our customers. Despite each project’s uniqueness, a development process always requires the same steps to achieve a holistic solution. We have brought together our process experience and convictions in our Next Level Process.

We start with design.

At the start of every process, it is crucial to define an objective together. For us, this not only means target criteria, but also a tangible, aspirational target image. To achieve this, we use the power of design. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Next Level Bundesliga—from a brand known throughout Germany to an international icon. 

To the Bundesliga Case

We use what already exists.

If you want to reach the Next Level, it’s worth taking a look behind you. This provides orientation on where you are now and how far you are from the Next Level. It also allows you to find “Next Level levers” that come from within the brand itself. Because change from within is always more powerful.
The TET quality seal developed at the time returns in the new THE BAHLSEN FAMILY trademark.

To the Bahlsen Case

“We” includes our customers.

Design is our tool at every step, and interdisciplinarity is our approach. For us, interdisciplinarity not only means building a team with different MUTABOR skills, but also recognizing the project managers on the customer side as part of the core team.
The OTTO brand refresh was developed in close collaboration with OTTO’s Design and Digital teams.  

To the Otto Case