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Modernization of the brand across all touchpoints.

Brand & Corporate Design, Digital Packaging, Packaging Branding
New Brand, New Packaging

Visually raising the yfood brand to the next level and thus tapping into new target groups and promoting internationalization.

With the help of a playbook, a visually agile brand was created that follows a clearly identifiable design DNA while staying open to the most varied future requirements.

Development of a design system that translates and represents yfood’s new purpose in all areas—from the shape of the bottle, the logo, and the packaging to the communication.

Bold and clear.

In addition to the new brand design, which includes a redesign of the logo, an illustration kit featuring various iconic patterns was developed together with the illustrator Will Bryant. The shaping and design of the new yfood bottle as well as the communication look and the design of the brand’s merchandise collection were also developed.