Not “in your face”, but “in your brain/mind”.

Brand & Corporate Design
New Brand

Attention. Now integrated.

A modernized appearance to develop a significantly more powerful agency brand. A new, confident, and agile design was created, which is both high-class and edgy.

Not “in your face”, but “in your brain”. This can be seen in the new logo. Through a typographical trick, the old exclamation mark was integrated into the A and thus becomes a real brand.

The new design of the agency group, that turned from a PR agency into one the most distinguished communication companies, makes the transformation visible.

Overall, the new design should help to broadcast better and more clearly digitally.

To ensure the success, the design is based on a few strong elements and is otherwise agile: a new typeface that is concise and unmistakable in every message. Black and white combined with 4 strong signal colors. An agile set of labels and stickers, based on a very simple, digitally optimized layout system.

Michael Ohanian, CCO at Achtung!
“On the one hand, the new design is highly reduced, yet supports diversity on the other. ”