TSG Hoffenheim

A sustainable sport brand with a direct link to its roots.

Brand & Corporate Design
New Brand

Sustainable Sport Style

TSG Hoffenheim launched the lifestyle brand “umoja”. The entire value creation process takes place in Uganda in fair conditions. How do you integrate Uganda’s culture in the design?

“umoja” aims to become a sought-after lifestyle brand. For this purpose, we created a brand image that everyone involved can be proud of. At the same time, it represents the brand’s roots.

What resulted was a name and logo that reflects Ugandan culture. This contemporary branding supports “umoja” by sustainably supporting the economy in Uganda.

Wear Africa. Support Africa.

The entire value creation—from the extraction of raw materials to the finished product—is certified “Cotton Made in Africa”. What’s more, 10% of the gross proceeds flow directly back to Uganda.

  • Brand strategy: Mutabor & Wagner CSR
  • Product design: Maloja