Siemens Healthineers

A completely unique brand experience from a completely new brand.

Digital Experiences, Experience Strategy, Showrooms
New Digital, New Spaces

Pioneering Healthcare

Siemens’ new healthcare brand combines all medtech activities under one roof. How do you illustrate this in a showroom while integrating 140 years of Siemens history?

A new type of experience: customer centricity. Visitors were placed in the focal point of each customer journey. From there, all levels were arranged radially around them.

Architecture and a customized combination of media, light and sound created a unique brand experience. This gave every visitor an individual customer journey.

A holistic approach shaped by a customized coordination of light, media and sound.

From the center, all other elements—such as brand, product and all information, whether analog or digital—are arranged radially around the visitor and their needs.