A design approach that brings everything under one umbrella.

Brand & Corporate Design, Brand Experience, Digital Branding, Digital Design Systems, Launch Communication
New Brand, New Content, New Digital

A brand as top-level domain.

The Seven.One Entertainment Group has been newly founded. How do you organize the many sub-brands to create a strong, iconic umbrella brand that resonates throughout?

Seven.One is strategically positioned as a showcase example of digital branding. The branding concept brings all B2B brands together and creates a clear relationship between the sub-brands.

What resulted was a corporate design that clearly communicates the group membership through the strong group icon that represents all sub-brands. This gave the brand a unique look and feel.

Dynamic, entertaining, pioneering, digital.

The principles of Seven.One Entertainment Group are reflected in the corporate design: All design elements can be applied flexibly without being bound to a format or medium.

  • René Bieder (Type Design)
  • Chris Magiera (Web Design)