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Home Connect

From the smart home app to an independent brand.

Brand & Corporate Design, Digital Branding, Digital Design Systems, Digital Experiences
New Brand, New Digital

Expect more from your everyday life.

As BSH’s ecosystem brand, Home Connect brings smart connectivity to our daily lives in many countries around the world. How would the design of such a brand have to work?

A corporate design was developed that met the progressive aspirations of the app. The focus of the redesign: The brand image stands for cooperation, intelligence, creativity and openness.

The result was a new corporate design for print, digital and 3D live experience with an independent modular design system. The extra feature: an illustration library with more than 380 elements.

From smart device to trade fair exhibit.

With a condensed brand strategy and a new corporate design for print, digital and 3D live experiences, we laid the foundation for an independent, modular design system.

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