Great Wall Motor (GWM) ORA & WEY

Brand presentation and product experience on approx. 300 sqm exhibition space for the brands GWM ORA and WEY.

Exhibition & Event
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Presentation of the GWM ORA and WEY brands as well as the fully electric automobiles ORA Funky Cat, ORA Cat GT and the hybrid SUV WEY Coffee 01 at the 35th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Oslo. Great Wall Motor is the second largest car manufacturer in China. The GWM ORA and WEY brands are now launching in Europe with the first all-electric line-up.

Within the very short time of approx. 6 weeks for European standards, we were able to offer the concept, design and implementation as a one-stop shop.

Differentiating consumer and business customer experience for GWM ORA, WEY at the EVS35 in Oslo.

Emotion and performance.

The task was to create an emotional experience of the brand values and lifestyles of the two brands and to increase awareness. At EVS35, we created a visitor experience to interact with the brand that is inviting and emotionally engaging for future customers. In a relaxed and open atmosphere, customers can discuss their expectations of the brands and future developments, while the vehicles on display provide insight and inspire with their performance and quality.

WEY Coffee 01 ā€“ The intelligent plug-in hybrid SUV.

WEY is displaying the WEY Coffee 01. An intelligent hybrid of luxury and efficiency.

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