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GF is going forward

Design concept for annual and sustainability report

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The industrial company Georg Fischer is taking a digital-first approach to its corporate reporting. The goal is an integrated report in the next few years. For this, the first steps should be taken in 2021. A pitch was launched for a design concept that would give GF’s reporting a visual sense of new beginnings.

GF stands for Georg Fischer, but also for Going Forward. The new image motto is also the title of the annual and sustainability report. The design concept reflects this dynamic and ensures a uniform look. The GF brand with the striking 3D cross comes to the center of attention and communicatively strengthens the corporate level in the reports.

An Annual Report with recognition value. Georg Fischer is the essential link in the value chain of its customers. The 3D cross as a key visual that can move flexibly in space translates the motto “Going Forward” into the visual. The cross was also used for image communication at Zurich Airport.


In addition to the main key visual, we developed a new icon language for the 2021 annual report. This is closer to the +GF+ logo representation and anchors the geometric approach in the icons as well. The icon set enriches the reports with a flexible, functional design language.


The infographics are based on the logo and icon style. The striking outline in combination with the cut-out taken from the icons set a bold contrast to the partly very filigree typography.

Success Stories

The Success Stories in the annual and sustainability reports focus on the connection between GF and its customers. The photo concept developed for this purpose forms the intro to each story.

Further applications

GF takes a digital-first approach to reports. Nevertheless, there are also a few print products on which the design concept had to prove itself. In addition, various applications were needed for shareholder events.

Going Forward via Zurich Airport

What better place for the motto “Going Forward” than at an airport? Based on the GF image film and the 3D cross of the reporting, we developed adaptations for an ad walk and for info screens at Zurich Airport.

Beat Römer, Head of Corporate Communications at Georg Fischer
“Being an industrial leader in today's world has many facets. But in the end it is always about people and a strong brand. Mutabor's creative ideas with a compelling visual language and a unique identity have boosted our Going Forward approach.”
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