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Branding and packaging for hiPure – A “Mikro­vital­stoff­konzentrat” (microvital substance concentrate)

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New Brand, New Packaging

hiPURE is a scientifically developed “Mikrovitalstoffkonzentrat” (microvital substance concentrate) based on various juice concentrates. A brand and packaging design was needed for this. The brand and packaging should reflect the innovative power of the product.

To put the hiPure brand on the market for the first time, we developed a design that stands out from the usual nutritional supplements. Science, taste and high-quality design appeal to the academic and demanding target group.

The multi-faceted and striking design conveys the product promises across all brand assets and gives the brand a distinctive look.

The essence of everything good in one drop.

The hiPURE logo shows what the product is about—the concentration of ingredients into a precious drop to make it available to you (U) and your family.

Clean, high-quality and lifestylish.

hiPURE is no traditional nutritional supplement. It is aimed at a particularly demanding and academic target group. The glass bottle was colored in matte and printed directly. This sets it apart not only aesthetically, but also haptically.

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