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DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga

The arrival of the Bundesliga’s entire brand world in the e‑sports sector.

Brand & Corporate Design, Brand Architecture, Digital Branding
New Brand, New Digital

From gameplay into the brand world.

The Bundesliga stands for top-class football all over the world—and now in the virtual world too. How do you create a design that can build a bridge to the offline Bundesliga, but also stand on its own?

The FIFA game series provided the foundation. In the gameplay, a triangular cursor is placed over the active player, which became the central element in the design concept for us.

A key visual straight from the logo. Simple, multi-layered, and expressive at the same time. The brand character always remains recognizable.

We use the triangle as a clear stylistic device with high recognition value and place it in the logo design above the iconic “Bundesliga Player”.