Bosch Hausgeräte

Experience the world of Bosch.

A Bosch retail concept that shows all facets of the brand.

Digital Design Systems, Experience Strategy, Retail, Showrooms
New Spaces

The Bosch brand is well known, but without a unified brand identity at the retail level. How do you design a unit that is easy to adapt based on the region?

The formula “Home+Life+Friend=Bosch” places personal experiences with the brand in the center. The product staging is therefore not oriented toward product features, but toward experiences of the Bosch brand.

A global rollout starting in Amsterdam. Showrooms that guide visitors through different worlds and make it possible to experience the Bosch brand.

A simple format for a global restart and a uniform Bosch feeling.

The structural framework of materiality, light and form (Home) is combined with added value for the home (Life) and a personal approach (Friend).

Clearly structured product presentations.

It provides an overview of the different categories. Uniform design and perfect lighting characterize the exhibition.

The Bosch showroom and the brandstore pilots are installed in all markets as a “Best Case Example”.

They are the starting point for all subsequent measures. After Amsterdam, completion continues in Hangzhou, Bangalore, Melbourne, Cairo and Moscow.