Making the butcher a brand.

A new brand presence for the traditional family business.

Brand & Corporate Design, Packaging Branding, Retail, Storytelling Packaging
New Brand, New Packaging, New Spaces

Beisser is a traditional brand, but it lacked unmistakable recognition value. What does a modern and high-value butcher of the future look like?

Together, a brand model was developed and a corporate design was defined. To communicate the high quality, Beisser’s tradition was given an original and high-value reinterpretation.

Corporate design, packaging and shop design were holistically shaped for a new brand identity combining innovation and tradition. High-value details turn the butcher into a brand.

A recognition value down to the smallest touchpoint.

Innovation and tradition come together. Every detail was chosen with this in mind: from the special tiles, to the enamel signs and slate boards in the store communication, to the black wrapping paper for the meat.