Ômina Romana

Resurrecting the Latin wine.

A new wine brand with a divine secret.

Brand & Corporate Design, Brand Strategy, Packaging Branding, Storytelling Packaging
New Brand, New Packaging

An entrepreneur with a passion for wine founded a winery with a clear vision: to restore the international reputation of wine from Latium. How do you convey this in design?

In collaboration with the founder, we developed a brand presence inspired by international wine brands. Both the origin and parts of the region were reflected in the design.

A brand inspired by the philosophy of metaphysics. A brand that blends science and craftsmanship. All anchored in the brand values and discernible in all touchpoints.

The trade fair exhibit is based on a modular system, which is also in the form of a triangle. The interplay of the distinctive materials creates a warm, mystical atmosphere.