The Uzwei Store as a new editorial concept.

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The Editorial Store.

The Unger fashion house has opened a new store. What does Hamburg fashion house Unger’s “little sister” look like in retail? How will they reach the younger and female target group?

The new store offers its customers more than just a shopping experience. Every touchpoint, both offline and online, creates a uniform brand presence in a luxurious design.

A store that offers a selection of trend labels, flowers, cafe and beauty products at the highest level. All in an atmosphere inviting you to linger and be inspired.

The packaging system remains unchanged—there is always a ‘core’ consisting of the Uzwei repeating pattern. The brand level with the logo is then applied to this core.

Uzwei’s “mother brand” is UNGER—Hamburg’s leading store for exclusive women’s fashion. The logo was also designed by us.