Connectedness creates success.

Digitalization of BayWa’s corporate design.

Brand & Corporate Design, Brand Architecture, Digital Design Systems, Launch Communication, Showrooms
New Brand, New Content, New Spaces

BayWa has existed for almost 100 years. Today, it is positioning itself digitally and globally. How do you bring a traditional brand into the future while preserving its identity?

Connectedness is at the core of BayWa’s brand. To strengthen this, we placed the brand in the center and strengthened the brand name as a fixed orientation element for the entire design.

BayWa’s corporate design system was developed based on the logo. In addition, we defined a new illustration pattern library that enables storytelling with a human touch.

The brand essence of connectedness translated into an illustration style.

Green dominates the brand identity, and thus also the illustration style. The scaled-down design and modular composition give BayWa a new emotional communication element.

  • René Bieder (Type Design)