An Audi brand experience from another sphere.

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A rocket launch event.

The Audi Dealer Meeting 2019 in Marbella searched for new dimensions. How can Audi’s vision of the future be made into an unforgettable experience in a brand-typical pioneering manner?

Audi doesn’t just think progressively, it makes this tangible. An event with futuristic elements allowed all dealers to be part of the future. A new era for mobility.

A brand experience of the future. From the architecture to the costumes worn by the performers, the theme was staged and the illusion was complete. The dealer meeting was transformed into a supernatural adventure.

A dealer meeting from another world.

Every Audi topic became its own mission in distant galaxies, from premium to entry-level models, from Audi Sport to Audi e-tron.

  • Architektur: Schmidhuber